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Feast of Sea Fano

Feast of Sea Fano: tradition, folklore and fun!

Weekend dedicated to the 58th edition of the Sea Party.

From Saturday 5th to Sunday August 6th, the Feast of the Sea in Fano: a traditional event organized by the municipal administration, which offers varied appointments: from more spiritual moments of commemoration of the falls of the sea to moments of entertainment and fun!

Starting on Saturday, the area surrounding the Port will be revitalized by gourmet booths that will delight Fanesi’s palate and tourists with seafood specialties.

There will be moments of fascinating entertainment that will be the protagonist of the Caicco “Regina Isabella”, a historic boat, on whose sails will be screened ancient stories of the navy in the city of Fano. The Sunday day will start with the commemoration of the falls of the sea with Holy Mass and follow the delivery of the Blue Flag 2017. Appointment at the Capitaneria di Porto, to admire the exit of the vessels that will deposit a further crown at sea. The Sunday morning will end with a visit to the marina “Marina dei Cesari”. At 18.00 will start the “Nutata Longa”, a traditional swim race.

At the end of the event, fireworks show!

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