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If you are looking for hotel offers in Fano, do not miss the unique promotions of Palazzo Rotati! Much better than a hotel, Palazzo Rotati is an antique residence where you can enjoy the appealing atmosphere of longtime ago having all the modern comforts available.


Offers and discounts for holidays and individual travellers, last minute in Fano and packages for families.


Our Corporate Agreement for business travellers and the advantages for professionals

Thanks to our offers your holidays in Fano will be unforgettable. You can have your magic stay right in the centre of the town, near the beach, with affordable prices though.
Palazzo Rotati has thought up something for all of its guests, such as promotions for the couples who want to spend a romantic holiday in Marche as well as offers for the families who want to spend their beach holidays in Fano.
See all the offers now and allow yourself a luxurious holiday in the Region of Marche as if you went back to ancient times!